Amateur Radio Station EA3WR in Barcelona

This is my modest station, main radio for DX is TS-850S with INRAD roofing filter mod at the first IF, and IF INRAD optional xtal filters at 2nd and 3rd IFs, plus DSP100, with RSP1A acting as Panadapter and SDR receiver from the rig IF out. Antenna system consists on a 2 element tri-band Yagi, plus an end fed multiband antenna. I use a multiband vertical for 50/VHF/UHF and a discone up to 2GHz (with optimized TX on 144, 432 and 1200MHz).

We are located in a small village 29 Km North from downtown Barcelona and my QTH is in a small hill at 200m asl with a clear view to all directions and privileged South and West directions with a downhill as you can see in the picture to Atlantic direction.QRM at this location is low but new LED lights and solar pannels are becoming very popular and becoming a realistic threat to the reception quality we experience today.

Microphone of preference is a Heil HC5 in a boomset and a Silver Eagle with Kobitone xtal replacement element. Log software is Linux based CQRLOG, and Log4OM on my windows computer. I use an old SB1000 computer interface for HF digital modes with FLDigi and JTDX, connected to an FT100, always running QRP. The end fed antenna is made of 16,2m of wire fed with coax to a 9:1 unun (made by EA3GJO) through a PALSTAR tuner. Sometimes I heat the room turning my AL811H on. My best receiver, by far, is the tiny box called RSP1A, that together with my computer, turns into my SDR (Software Defined Radio) solution, also used as panadapter for my old TS-850.

My favorite multiband antenna, the World famous McCoy dipole, it works perfect on all HF bands, and it is very simple to calculate, its length is that of the distance between your most convenient supports at your backyard, with the only requirement to feed it with ladder line and use a decent AT with built in 4:1 balun.

73 de Joan EA3WR