We have a weekly country music radio show at several FM and online radio stations that can also be downloaded from Ivoox or listened 24/7 (some recent episodes) through ZENO.FM station The Shack.

The show is normally recorded at my small home studio with the following equipment:

  • Behringer condenser studio microphone B1
  • UltraVoice Digital microphone preamp and voice processor VX2496 (with compressor, noise gate, de-esser, tube emulation and voice optimized EQ.
  • Ultra-Q Pro parametric 5 bands equalizer for voice processing.
  • Alesis 6FX mixer with digital effects
  • Computer running Mixxx for live performance and Audacity for audio editing and post production.
  • Server running RadioDJ for The Country Shack broadcasting

How to listen…

Country Shack Radio, online country radio station, every Saturday at 22CET and Sundays at 12CET. Listen here!