We have a weekly country music radio show at several FM and online radio stations that can also be downloaded from Ivoox or listened 24/7 (some recent episodes) through ZENO.FM station The Shack.

The show is normally recorded at my small home studio with the following equipment:

  • Behringer condenser studio microphone B1
  • UltraVoice Digital microphone preamp and voice processor VX2496 (with compressor, noise gate, de-esser, tube emulation and voice optimized EQ.
  • Ultra-Q Pro parametric 5 bands equalizer for voice processing.
  • Alesis 6FX mixer with digital effects
  • Computer running Mixxx for live performance and Audacity for audio editing and post production.

How to listen…


Live :

Ràdio Sitges Online is a 24/7 nonstop music/culture radio format with an accurate selection of continous music plus specialized shows every night broadcasting with studio quality audio. For regular Radio Sitges formula please go to The show is aired every tuesday at 22 CET. Live Stream Here!

Eixample Barcelona Ràdio is a 24/7 general content local online radio downtown Barcelona . Site:  Show is aired every Friday at 22CET Live Stream Here!

Ràdio Montesquiu is a local FM radio broadcasting 24/7 as a municipality public radio on 107.9FM and Online through the national network Xarxa de Comunicació Local. Our show is aired every Sunday at 21CET.  Live Stream Here!

All episodes : All shows have been uploaded to IVOOX podcast platform so that you can download them and listen to them at your better convenience.

ZENO Radio / Music City Live Test Channel : Test channel at Zeno Radio The Shack where we have uploaded some Music City episodes for testing purposes only. It broadcasts 24/7 past Music City episodes and It will allow us to stream live programs too.

A Zeno.FM Station

ZENO Radio “The Shack” Relays to suit your audio quality and bandwidth preferences

MP3 at 192 Kbps FM quality stream

AAC at 64 kbps FM quality stream to save bandwidth (office friendly)

AAC at 256 kpbs High Definition Quality for car or home HiFi equipment