Astatic D104 Sylver Eagle with Kobitone

My highly appreciated microphone Astatic Sylver Eagle suffered an accident and the original crystal element was seriously damaged, so that googling a little I found this little gem called KT-400023, part number 25LM022, from Mouser Electronics, with the brand Kobitone Audio Company

I found out that it was used as a direct replacement element for Astatic D104 microphones by just a few bucks. I ordered some of them, used one to replace my faulty unit and gave the rest as a gift to some friends. To our surprise, my friends and mine, this Kobitone element works even better than the original unit from Astatic, well let my clarify, when it comes to audio and microphones everyone has its own preferences, but I can assure you this one is an outstanding performer.

Just a quick note on specs and audio response and let’s compare with other well known mikes around. First diagram corresponds to my Kobitone element,

• Type: 35mm crystal element
• Sensitivity: -55dB @ 1KHz
• Response: 50-8KHz
• Impedance: 25KΩ
• Case material: aluminum / steel
• Weight: 4.5g

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