EA3WR-L Echolink VHF access point

This is our Echolink access point to the Catalan Conference serving all Valles County at 145.462,5FM @ CTSS 88.5. TEMPORARY OUT OF SERVICE

It uses a surplus (recycled) Motorola professional radio, 12 watts into a X200 dual band vertical antenna, and runs on a Raspberry Pi, with external USB sound card. Network is FTTH Internet at symetric 600mbps. Read more to check Link coverage…

Coverage map considering RX from a mobile station using Radio Mobile Online software.

The tiny box at the right with a green knob contains a PWM regulator to adjust the fan speed in order to avoid too much noise while granting good ventilation. The PTC resistor placed between the heatsink structure triggers the fan when heat reaches 40C, so that the unit is “shack friendly” and operates under reasonable fan noise level.